No one has escaped the trend of pearls. We can not get enough of pearl jewellery and for the autumn/winter collection introduced two more lines of cultured freshwater pearls, and an updated version of one of our classics the Luna collection. Featured here in the middle picture.

This season we are lucky enough to have pearls in 3 of the collections this autumn/winter.

This season is dominated by things that evoke feelings and focus on positive symbols, pearls and natural stones which of some is said to possess healing effects.


Pearls are something we will see a lot of this season and particularly the ones in colour. Collier Pearl is a line with small beautiful freshwater pearls. One of our news that is extra fun to present is our selection of anklets that is bigger than ever in this seasons collection. You will find one of them in the line Collier Pearl.



Luna is a beautiful, classic piece of jewellery with a pearl and clear stone that meet in perfect harmony. Luna can be worn both everyday and for special occasions; it is the ultimate feel-good piece. The Luna collection offers smaller and larger variations.



Beautifully shining with the shape of an oyster is our elegant line Oyster. With big earrings in different model and a long beautiful chain you will have a clean and elegant look ready in no time.


It was in the early 20th century that freshwater pearls first began to be cultivated and used for jewellery. Edblad has previously only used imitation pearls in its pearl jewellery, but in the summer of 2020 we introduced cultured freshwater pearls for the first time. Imitated pearls are completely round in their shape, while cultured freshwater pearls come in varied shapes, which makes each piece of jewellery unique. The world's cultivation of freshwater pearls is located to Southeast Asia and China and that is where all Edblad's cultivated freshwater pearls origin.