For the love of layering

The extender chain is the perfect secret weapon to any layering look and can add 5cm to any necklace. Comes in steel and gold. 


The key to perfect layering, is simply different length necklaces. Edblad make it super simple and have most of their necklace links in their descriptions. This image is a great visual aid when it comes to planning how to layer. 


This combo from our rope collection is a gorgeous, delicate, layered look. 

Add the Rope Necklace in gold with the Rope Chain Necklace


Arbus Necklace Mixed S Steel with the Herringbone Chain 40cm.


The Bond Necklace is a perfect statement necklace if you are looking for a more chunky look, pair it with Chain Linked large


If you wanted something a bit different and wanted to try some fresh water pearls. These would be perfect.

The Lilian Necklace Multi M Steel and the Lilian Necklace Multi L Steel. 


There are no rules when it comes to layering, mix some metals, mix some different necklaces and pieces and have fun with experimenting.