About Edblad

Enhance you!

We are excited to introduce Edlbad to  the New Zealand market for the first time.
Edblad is a Swedish design company, created with the vision to pay tribute to the strong woman and inspire her to dare to be herself and express her personality.

Through our jewellery, details and a flexible accessory range, we strive to give our customers that little extra to enhance their look and make their days shine - every day! Everything with unique Edblad design, high quality and attractive price.

Edblad was founded at Singö 2006 in northern Roslagen by the designers Hans and Cathrine Edblad with a stated ambition to build a responsible ethical company with sustainable products. Supporting various aid organizations has always been the focus, we do this through our Helping Hand projects.

Edblad's History

Since the beginning in 2006, the company has undergone a fantastic journey. From the first small shop in Grisslehamn
with just a few employees to a successful company with approximately 500 retailers in about ten countries,
11 own stores, more than 50 employees, a design studio and a head office in central Stockholm.
In 2019 Edblad released its first accessory collection and now offers a holistic concept for the modern woman.
Cathrine Edblad runs the company, both as a partner and creative manager. Cathrine has won awards
for her entrepreneurship, in 2015 she became the female star of the year at the EY-gala - Entrepreneur Of The Year.

About Edblad

About our Jewellery!

Edblad's unique design and quality have become characteristics that we are very proud of. All our jewellery is designed in our own design studio at our head office in Stockholm. The majority of our jewellery is made in the same factory in China, which we have collaborated with from the start and which only manufactures our jewellery. Most of our jewellery is made of nickel-safe steel, which is both durable and resistant to use by most nickel allergies

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