Charm Birthstone Steel


Charmentity Birthstones are a wonderful, personal pendant with a discreet setting that enhances your birthstone. All birthstones seen here are set in shiny stainless steel.
The stones are:

January Garnet (dark red),
February Amethyst (purple),
Mars Aquamarine (light blue),
April Rock crystal (clear),
May Emerald crystal (dark green),
June Moonstone (milk white),
July Quartz (red), August Peridot (green),
September Sapphire (dark blue),
October Rose Quartz (pink),
November Citrine (yellow) 
December Turquoise (dark turquoise).

Diameter 10 mm, diameter of ring 5x6 mm.
Natural stone, shiny stainless steel.
Nickel safe.

Natural stones cut into various shapes and forms. Please note that all styles containing genuine gemstones have natural surfaces and therefore the stones vary from piece to piece. No two stones look the same, and this is to be considered a design feature to be emphasized and appreciated, and not a reason for claim.


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