Building a Jewellery Wardrobe

8 essential items to build a classic and everlasting jewellery wardrobe in either gold or silver tones! These are the must-have pieces to build your dream jewellery box that'll never go out of fashion! 

Building a jewellery wardrobe takes time, precision and passion. So if you're just  starting out or looking for that next piece, try this curated collection!


1. Crystal Earrings

Stylish, classic and easy to wear everyday. It has to be a pair of crystal earrings. You can wear them with jeans and tee or dressed up as they offer versatility and elegance. You simply can't go wrong. 


2. Gold Hoops

Gold hoops pull any outfit together, and with so many subtle styles to choose from, there's a pair for everyone. Stack with your studs or multiple pairs of hoops for an edgy look. Go on, add a pair to your cart now! 


3. Classic Gold Bracelet

This could be anything depending on your style! But having one really good gold bracelet to stand alone (or pair with a tennis bracelet) is on nearly everyone's wishlist. We think our chain bracelets like Figaro and Ivy are great options.

4. Crystals Ring or Rings

Every hand needs a little sparkle 

5. Simple Gold Band


6. Classic Necklace


7. Tennis Bracelet


8. Jewellery Case